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25 Ways to Eat Cookie Dough, Anytime of Day

  1. Dig in with your spoon!
  2. Eat #cookiedoughforbreakfast
  3. Blend into smoothies or protein shakes
  4. Stir into warm or chilled oats 
  5. Mix & bake into brownie batter
  6. Spread onto toast, bagels or English muffins
  7. Frost your homemade muffins, cupcakes or donuts
  8. Dip with apples, strawberries or celery
  9. Make a breakfast banana split
  10. Pack in your lunchbox
  11. Top on your waffles or pancakes
  12. Add to yogurt bowls
  13. Fuel your workout 
  14. Enjoy after dinner as a healthy dessert
  15. Add to ice cream
  16. Dip with pretzels as a sweet & salty snack
  17. Sprinkle with coconut or granola
  18. Make energy bites
  19. Layer in breakfast or dessert parfaits
  20. Blend into banana "nice cream"
  21. Freeze and enjoy instead of ice cream
  22. Make a healthier Reese's cup
  23. Bring to work to satisfy your sweet tooth
  24. Entertain with a Cookie Dough dip
  25. Use instead of nut butter in your favorite no-bake recipes


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