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Back to School Snack Hacks for Your Family

Back to school means back to routines...

That likely includes healthier, more consistent eating habits to fuel you and your family's strong minds + bodies as you gear up for the new school year!

Here are 3 back to school nutrition hacks, backed by a Registered Dietitian, to make feeding your family easier and more nutritious!


1) Start the day strong with a balanced breakfast

A balanced breakfast can set kids up for a productive day so they can focus, learn, and stay active. Research has shown that children who eat breakfast perform better on tests, have increased attention spans, better memory, and improved reactions to frustrating tasks. Make sure to include a carbohydrate (such as whole grains, fruits/vegetables) for long-lasting energy, as well as a source of protein/fat to provide vital nutrients for your growing kids to help them stay fuller longer throughout the day.

Your kids will love this Strawberry Banana Shake for breakfast. Or short on time in the morning? These Cake Batter Overnight Oats can be made the night before!


2) Go for protein-packed snacks

It is important to include protein at each meal (snacktime included) to help your kids feel fuller for longer and sustain their energy. Protein provides building blocks for the growth and repair of cells, and helps to produce enzymes and hormones. Protein is also an important part of the immune system, protecting the body against viruses and bacteria.

Add a Cookie Dough snack cup or Bites to your child's lunch box or make these 6-Ingredient Protein Bites as an after-school snack.


3) Involve your kids when planning school lunches

Pick 2 options from each food group to ensure a healthy balance, then let your child make the final decision! For example, you can offer a PB&J or turkey sandwich  + yogurt or cheese stick  + apple or carrot sticks with dip. Your kids can also help to assemble snacks, like PB Dough + apple slices, Ants on a Log, No-Bake Cookie Dough Oat Bars, or Kitchen Sink Snack Mix, which will help make them more excited for lunch/snack time!

Article by Lillie Berman, MS, RDN

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